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  1. Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man
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Also, I love the idea of Luthor and Doc Ock broing out in prison. Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments.

Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man

No, but he knew that wasn't really Superman who did it, so he suspected the first wanted criminal with superpowers that he saw. This is only a few years after the deaths of both Stacys, so Spider-Man's relationship with the police is at a low point. As for the fake Superman, that's never explained.

2. He Doesn't Wear a Silly Cape . . .

We're just supposed to figure, "it's Lex Luthor, he does stuff like that. I just figured my theory because when not Superman flies in he looks like he's in a very Spider-man pose.

SPIDERTEMBER: Spider-Man vs. Superman: Dawn of Character

His fist raised even looks like he could be holding onto some webbing. I'm just going to continue reading the next chapters with your idea as head canon till it's otherwise relayed. Link Reply Thread from start Parent.

Superman VS Spiderman ( Man of Steel, Avengers, Justice League, Fight )

The best part of this is the Spider-Man and Superman characters interacting. While wearing that mask, Peter Parker is living the dream.

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He ties up gangs of criminals while dishing out witticisms, swinging around the city drawing the admiration of strangers. But during the day, during the hours of his real life, everything is in shambles. He is bullied at school, bullied at work, rejected by the love of his life. His only living family member, Aunt May, is an elderly, vulnerable woman who also needs to be protected from his reality.

His role as a superhero is nothing but a burden; it cripples him, it distances him from the crowd, demanding that he always lets his loved ones down, or push them away for their own safety. His pursuit of crime is the most thankless of jobs, and it is all too familiar to anyone who has ever cared for a vulnerable relative, worked as an intern, or pursued a passion project that nobody else can understand. It is the opposite of wish-fulfillment, the opposite of what superheroism is supposed to be.

And yet, Peter Parker cannot give it up, because he is, at heart, a good guy. Compared to other heroes, Spider-Man is pretty underpowered. Sure, he can easily hold his own against your average thug with a pistol, but when it comes to facing his mechanically enhanced foes, he always appears to be well out of his league.

He also uses his powers for good. The people rely on them to be there and save the day. Both of them are very famous and also great role models. Every kid wants to be like their favorite super hero. They buy their costumes for Halloween, carry around their superhero backs, and wear t-shirts with Superman or Spiderman on them. Also Spiderman and Superman have their own movies.

They also have some cartoons for all the children that adore them. Other things could include their appearance.

Superman vs. Spider-Man: Who’s More Manly? |

Superman is totally buff looking and also has no mask. He also wears a cape, while Spiderman does not wear a cape. Wearing a cape is probably a bad thing anyways, because it can get caught on something or catch on fire! On the other hand Spiderman is not all that strong looking and he wears a mask over his face so nobody really knows who he truly is.

Batman vs superman essay

Superman is all cocky and wants attention. He is not humble like Spiderman. Superman flies around like he is all that which I think I could take him down easily:. Now after this amazing compare and contrast I want to persuade you to be a Spiderman fan.