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Non-fiction Horizon by Barry Lopez Knopf The long-awaited follow-up to the classic Arctic Dreams by the American environmental writer takes the reader almost pole to pole, across extraordinary landscapes and decades of lived experience. Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez Chatto The activist and journalist on the discriminatory consequences of men being treated as the default and women as atypical, in a book that casts a new light on homes, workplaces and public buildings.

The Way We Eat Now by Bee Wilson 4th Estate The award-winning writer surveys food around the world, and argues that the way most people currently eat is not sustainable — either for human health or the planet. The Dollmaker by Nina Allan Riverrun An unnerving love story about trauma, fairytales and some very lifelike dolls, from the award-winning SF author. The Half God of Rainfall by Inua Ellams 4th Estate The being of the title is Demi, part Nigerian boy, part Greek god, in a fantastical epic of male pride and female revenge from the award-winning poet and playwright behind Barber Shop Chronicles.

Non-fiction Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored by Jeffrey Boakye Dialogue A writer and teacher examines more than 60 words, many hugely contentious, that are used to describe black men and women, with a particular focus on black masculinity. Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalisation of Love by Naomi Wolf Virago The Beauty Myth author has researched the Obscene Publications Act of , which effectively invented modern obscenity and the impact of which is still felt today.

The Book of Science and Antiquities by Thomas Keneally Sceptre Millennia-spanning novel about the connections between two men: a contemporary Australian, and one of the first humans to walk the Earth.

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This topical, provocative debut anatomises class, race and the American dream. A Stranger City by Linda Grant Virago The discovery of a body in the Thames is the starting point for a novel about contemporary London and the meaning of home.

Book Report Essay | Bartleby

New novel by Thomas Harris William Heinemann No title as yet, but the first in 13 years from the creator of Hannibal Lecter will be a standalone thriller. Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo Hamish Hamilton From a Newcastle orphan in to a feminist squatter in and beyond, Evaristo tells vibrant stories of black British women. Non-fiction Underland by Robert Mac farlane Hamish Hamilton The highly anticipated new book from the author of Landmarks and The Old Ways travels across space and through time as it goes underground, and questions human treatment of the Earth. Superior: The Fatal Return of Race Science by Angela Saini 4th Estate The author of Inferior , a study of how science got women wrong, returns with a report on the resurgence of race science, even though it has been shown to be flawed.

Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry Canongate Another black comedy from the author of Beatlebone , about two former gangsters stuck in a southern Spanish port. My Name Is Monster by Katie Hale Canongate In this debut about motherhood and apocalypse, Monster washes up on the coast of Scotland believing herself the last creature left alive.

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Dressed: The Secret Life of Clothes by Shahidha Bari Cape The scholar and broadcaster examines clothes as objects of fashion and means of self-expression, in a book that ranges across art, film and literature. Live a Little by Howard Jacobson Cape A funny, provocative novel about falling in love at the very end of your life, from the Man Booker winner. I Am Sovereign by Nicola Barker Heinemann Boutique teddy bear makers and Llandudno estate agents: a typically out-there novella from the author of the Goldsmiths-winning H a ppy.

For Some Horror Writers, Nothing Is Scarier Than a Changing Planet

Fill out our simple online form to recommend English: Journal of the English Association to your library. Recommend now. Now available on article pages. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Latest Issue. Volume 68 Issue Autumn How black is black enough? Does an octoroon still count? These are questions we would all benefit from thinking through with care.

Though Smith focuses on individual racial privilege, she fails to note the other forms of privilege that are present when a Cambridge and Harvard-educated academic, a literary prodigy, a bestselling and award-winning novelist and national arguably international treasure, a woman lauded for both her beauty and intellect, featured in a luxury fashion campaign and prestigious magazines, prescribes her own emotional response to the symbolic representation of African-American torment as a model for others.

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  7. When Smith takes up the question of how white mainstream culture traffics in black trauma, and makes it hinge primarily on her own experience, she stretches towards solipsism. Smith pays attention to everything around her, and her very amateurishness — that is to say the sheer enthusiasm that propels these essays — makes the combinations she lands on compelling. It is easy to say that Smith is a writer concerned with hybridity — there are many writers of whom that could be said.

    Anomalisa is a story of loneliness, the ultimately futile craving for lasting human connection, illustrated by Michael, a married Everyman who experiences other people as distressingly undifferentiated. He seems to find love — or the rare opportunity to experience not just physical passion but reciprocal compassion — for a night with a special anomalous puppet called Lisa.

    12222 in books: what you'll be reading this year

    Smith, who gets a great deal out of this eccentric movie, also wants to explain why it was so mistakenly overlooked by award-givers. The reason:. Alongside its noted myopia toward distinct genres, races and subcultures, the Academy has also proved reliably blind to a more general category: genius.

    The clear eye of the world: at her best, Smith too is able momentarily to discard personality and step back for a clearer view. There is genius, and there is fame. As I read this essay, another image surfaced in my mind, not of Justin Bieber but of Smith — no pop star but about as famous as any contemporary writer is allowed to be — at a jam-packed event for her last novel, Swing Time. Famous for half her life and now in her forties, Smith has become extremely good on the subject of getting older. The brain that puts a hairbrush in the fridge, the leg that radiates pain from the hip to the toe, the lovely children who eat all my time, the books unread and unwritten.