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Such one is not deterred or afraid of failures.

Long and Short Essay on Happiness in English

For Alexander Pope, solitude is the heaven of happiness. A person living alone on the island of self-sufficiency is really a happy man. Good health and peace of mind born out of contentedness.

How to be Happy Essay

Innocent pleasures, joys of scriptural study and meditation are true sources of happiness, the spiritual idealists maintain. However, the most of us can not follow such spiritual ideals. As normal human beings we must associate with others, interact and nurture cordial relationships. For us the ideal happiness of the spiritual kind looks more like a delusion. So, most of us seek happiness in the economic security via highly paid jobs or flourishing business ventures.

For the people who have suffered the miseries of poverty it is impossible to imagine that the poverty could be a blessing in disguise. Today, the basic source of happiness is in being able to lead a decent life, free of penury. An idler and a superstitious person can never hope for a secure and decent life. A superstitious mind is always hunted by imaginary fears and unrest.

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And a decent life has to be earned through hard work. There is no scope for idling. Good health is another vital ingredient of happiness. A sick person is not a happy one in any way. Such sharing multiplies the joys and halves the sorrows.

How to Be a Happy Person Essay Example

Genuine love is also another source of true happiness. Some people find joy in having power and command over others. We pass quickly through one destination and then move into the next.

For example, maybe some of us have such experience. When we travel to the other cites or countries with tour group, we are always fully scheduled. Each day we have to see a lot of places and we are only allowed to stay at each place for 30 minutes or at most one hour just for taking some pictures.

We have to hurry from one spot to the next. At the end of the tour, we only feel tired and remember which places we have looked around but have no idea how beautiful they are.

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However, if we put away the tour group and cut the schedule in half, stay longer at each place, enjoy every moment at ease. That would be another story.

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We must have our social life. Social life includes friends and family. Ancient philosophers and modern scientists agree that strong relationships with other people are critical to a happy life. We need close, long-lasting relationships; we need a place to belong to; we need to give and receive support — perhaps surprisingly, giving support is just as important to happiness as getting support.

Essay on Your Idea of Happy Life

These 3 keys of happiness are beliefs that I hold and they have worked for me in the past and they work for me now. I sincerely hope these 3 simple and easy to apply keys can also work for all of you. My wish is for all of us to have a happy life and enjoy it!

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