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Physical Education Dissertation Topics

Upon selection, they serve as junior co-editor for a specified term of two years. Upon completion of this period, they serve as senior co-editor for another two-year term. Nominations for the co-editor positions originate from existing editorial board members and are submitted in writing to the senior co-editor who is responsible for contacting the nominees for their curriculum vitae and letter of interest, as well as for making arrangements for the selection process.

Editorial board members are appointed by the senior co-editor upon consensus of the editorial council senior and junior co-editors. Eligibility Criteria Eligibility for new board member appointments is based on the following criteria:. Board members whose term has been completed and who wish to continue on the board can also nominate themselves as a self-nomination through a letter of intent only. Nominees are then asked to submit a curriculum vita to the senior editor, along with a statement expressing their interest in the position and explaining their suitability.

Board members, upon completion of their term of service, are invited to continue to serve on the board if they have successfully fulfilled all their responsibilities during their three-year term. Co-editors make final decisions about the appropriateness of manuscripts. Guest reviewers must have an earned doctoral degree specializing in sport pedagogy or related fields. This site uses cookies, tags, and tracking settings to store information to help give you the very best browsing experience. Dismiss this warning.

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Google Translate. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Not registered? Human Kinetics. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Open access. Restricted access. By: Colin G. Pennington , Matthew D.

Topics for a Research Paper for Physical Education

Curtner-Smith and Stefanie A. By: Jenn M. Jacobs , K. Andrew R. By: Paul M.

Wright , K. Richards , Jennifer M.

Essay on Use of Technology in Physical Education

Jacobs and Michael A. By: Hayley Morrison and Doug Gleddie. By: Shirley Gray , Paul M. Wright , Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson.

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By: Mara Simon and Laura Azzarito. By: Shrehan Lynch and Matthew D. Wright , Lauriece L.

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Zittel , Tawanda Gipson and Crystal Williams. Loeb and Jingwen Ni. Mission The purpose of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education is to communicate national and international research and stimulate discussion, study, and critique of teaching, teacher education, and curriculum as these fields relate to physical activity in schools, communities, higher education, and sport.

Parker University of Limerick, Ireland K. Brusseau, Jr. Authorship credit should be based only on substantial contributions to: a. Open Access Human Kinetics is pleased to allow our authors the option of having their articles published Open Access. Manuscript Guidelines In preparing articles for submission to the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education , authors must follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th ed.

All articles must include an abstract of — words typed on a separate page along with three to six key words not used in the title.

When submitting, you will be prompted to fill in the abstract in a specific box. Please also include the abstract in the manuscript file that is uploaded. Non-traditional papers e. The entire manuscript must be double-spaced. Line numbers should be inserted, continuous throughout the text, to facilitate the review process. Manuscript length should not exceed 28 pages, including references, tables, and figures. Special attention should be given to the accuracy of the references and APA style.

Figures must be crisp, clear, and properly labeled. Do not submit low-resolution electronic files.

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Manuscripts should not be submitted to another journal at the same time. All quantitative studies must report effect sizes. To facilitate blind review, the first page of the manuscript should include only the title of the manuscript and the date of submission. A separate cover sheet with contact information is no longer required because the necessary identifying information is entered when registering with the online submission system. Guidelines for Monographs Monograph proposals to JTPE should meet the following guidelines: Manuscripts must use point Times New Roman font as per APA guidelines and should be single-spaced, with length not exceeding 10 pages including the overview but excluding the Appendix.

Proposals should start with an overview chapter Chapter 1 , which clearly identifies the theme, scope, and need for the monograph. An overarching theoretical framework should inform the monograph. Proposals should provide the abstracts for all chapters chapters. THESIS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Data should have already been collected at the time the proposal is submitted and results should be present in the proposal. Guest editors should be identified in the Appendix and serve as liaisons between chapter lead authors and JTPE coeditors. An Appendix should be submitted separately that provides the contact information of guest editors and the title of each of the chapters and its contributing authors with lead author contact information, along with an abbreviated CV two pages for each of the guest editors and lead authors.

Proposals are due by July 31 of each year. Selection Process The selection process is based on the following criteria: a relevance of topic and 2 quality of proposals, as determined by the four-person committee. Motivating students to be active outside of class: a hierarchy for independent physical activity.

Adventure Education and Wilderness Sports

Grant M. Jago , R. An investigation of the status of outdoor play. Childhood and Play. Correlates of vigorous physical activity for children in grades 1 through Comparing parent-reported and objectively measured physical activity James F. Freedson , Russell R Pate. Behavioural nutrition and physical activity in young people : the role of the family Natalie Pearson. Teaching games for understanding: Theory, research, and practice. Human Kinetics. Instructional models in physical education.