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Well into my teens, Ted still slept in my bed every night. Ted was a constant in my life, a reminder of my childhood, a friend who never judged, the comfort I always needed. As I hit my 20s, Ted became less of a presence in my life. But he came with me as I moved out of home and eventually moved in with my then-boyfriend. He came with my now-husband and myself when we bought our first home and to all our subsequent residences.

To my delight, they have both latched onto Ted with the same superglue emotional bond that I felt immediately on meeting him. When my eldest daughter was young and having trouble sleeping at night, the Early Childhood Nurse recommended putting something that smelt of me in the cot with her. It was Ted who was trussed into one of my t-shirts and tucked in next to her little body. At various times, both my children have taken to sleeping with Ted — there have even been fights over whose turn it is to have him.

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Tags: kids health-and-wellbeing. She is special because I love her and I care for her. Elizabeth is awesome. She is like a real kid. She is my little girl. She loves me too. I also feed her and dress her.


She is just so cool. My favorite toy is a wedding Barbie doll that I had when I was little.

My favourite childhood toy

It is special to me because my mom had it when she was little then my sister had it and then I had it. It is also very special because my mom always played with it when she was little and it never broke, not even a single hair fell off. Sometimes I think it is unbreakable. That is my favorite toy that I had when I was little. My favorite toy when I was young was Teddy Kiss. She is a toy bear I got when I was 1 month old. I've had her for 10 years now.

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She is special to me because I got her at my old house and would hide her in my backpack and this reminds me of my friends over there. I sleep next to her every night and snuggle with her when I'm sick which makes me feel so much better. As you can see this toy is more than you think of it is my source when I'm upset mad or sick so who cares if you laugh as long as I have this bear.

I'm totally fine with you doing that.

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I have a blanket from when I was just a little baby. I named it Cuddles.

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  • It was pink, green, and white. I loved it so much. I still have it today. I sleep with it every night. My grandma made it for me when I was a little baby. I am going to keep it forever. And I always used it to stay warm when I was a baby. Do you have something special that you still have today? I do and it is named Cuddles. My favorite toy that I still have is a bear that jingles so when I was 1 year old I named him Jingle Bear or Jingle for short. Jingle Bear was given to me when I was below 8 months old.

    I love him so much that I have to sleep with him every night because he is very snuggly. Jingle Bear friends are Mr. Cuddles, who is about 6 foot and 4 inches and is very fat and snuggly, so I sleep with him all the time. Sometimes I can't breathe when I wake up because he is on top of my face! Jingle also has Eggbert as a friend, but he has gone missing, but I remember he was small and cute! There is also Blanket Bear, I have been thinking about a name for him and found that Sandy Shores or Lighthouse is a good match because he reminds me of the ocean.

    He has no legs or stomach, just arms, head, and a blanket that says "Cute as can" and there is a drawing of a bee on the bottom of the sentence. Blanket bear is cute and cuddly just like the others except Eggbert, Blanket Bear, and Mr. Cuddles are the special ones of all the toys and Jingle Bear is the best and favorite of all the toys! That is my favorite toy and some of my favorite toy's different friends!

    I named him Murdock, after my dog. My dog was in a blue bandana at the time, so when I was at the place, I put a blue bandana on the puppy. Its middle name was Buppy, because I was 6 at the time. I love him, and still do. My special toy is this white panda. It was my first toy ever, and I got it from my big sister, Jennifer.

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    I loved his blue hat and scarf. I would play with him every day! Well, his name, honestly, I can't remember his name! Because that's how long I've had him! No matter all the times I've moved and all the places I have been, I have never, and, will ever get rid of him!!

    Even though I am in 6th grade, I still have a blanket that I have had since I was not even one year old. I love my blanket so much - I always use it, but I leave it at home when I go to school. My blanket has Sesame Street characters all over it, so it has a lot of colors. Also, sometimes I still suck on my thumb, like I used to with my blanket.

    My blanket is special because it is soft, and when I am in a new place, I will feel safe with it. The funny thing about my blanket is that it used to be sheets for a bed, but then I kept using it, and then I just got hooked on it, and I have loved it ever since. Also, when I was a baby, the blanket was so long because it used to be sheets , that it would drag on the ground, so my mom cut it in half. So now if I lose one half, then I will have a backup.

    That is one of my favorite toys that I still have now, and why it is so special. What is your favorite toy that you have or had when you were younger? My favorite toy is Pokemon cards.

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    I love looking at them with my friends. I have a lot of Pokemon cards because they were all my brother's and sister's! I am lucky because I have so many! A stuffed animal, Bear, because my Dad gave it to me for my birthday. My favorite toy is a Lego with Spongebob in a race car. It's special because me and my dad built it together.

    It was Valentine's Day!! My special toy that I had when I was little and I still have is my stuffed teddy bear.